Monday, December 15, 2014

How Close to 100? - 3rd Grade

I blogged about using "How Close to 100?" with 4th graders last week.  Today, I introduced the multipurpose game to two 3rd grade classes.  The repeated practice yielded valuable information... 

I noticed several times, in both classes, that the two-digit addition with multiple addends was not accurate when calculating the player's total score. The addition was not an obvious concern in the 4th grade classroom. The activity is such a wonderful formative assessment opportunity as several students made errors in computation.  The partner format lead to dynamic and productive discourse. The teacher has data to inform her instructional next steps.

Oops! The red player needs to take another look...
I used the same closure technique that I used in the previous lessons.  I simply asked the students what math skills were needed to play this game.  I was thrilled by the academic vocabulary generated by the two minute quick write. Students orally justified skills like sportsmanship, area...
addition, base-ten blocks

skip counting, addition, multiplication, and arrays

addition, multiplication, arrays
multiplication and brainstorming...  :))

Free Download -  How Close to 100?


Read more about this and other games to boost computational fluency from Jo Boaler: Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts 




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